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"If fishing is like religion, then fly-fishing is high church."
~ Tom Brokaw

Bat Rastard

Bead Thorax Soft Hackle - Red Headed March Brown

Blue Dun


Brown Hackle Peacock

DT Gray Drake

DT Green Drake - Bead Thorax Soft Hackle

DT Orange Crush - Bead Thorax Soft Hackle

Gray Hackle Peacock

Iron Blue Dun

March Brown Spider

Mothers Day Diving Caddis

October Caddis

Orange Fish Hawk

Orange Flymph

Orange Peacock & Partridge

partridge and red

peacock Chiro

Pheasant Tail Peacock

Pheasant Tail Peacock Orange

Pheasant Tail Peacock Red

Pink Lady Soft Hackle

PMD Quill Soft Hackle

PMD Soft Hackle - biot body

Raver & Snipe

Royal Peacock Soft Hackle


Tupps Indespensible - SRC version

Turkey and Partridge Soft Hackle

Wickham's Fancy

Wonder Flymph

Yorkshire Wet

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